Holiday Cleaning Tips and Advice from a Pro

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 I recently interviewed Donna Reilly, Owner of Molly Maid of Central Anne Arundel County. I really don’t like cleaning my home. However, I really like having a clean home. I asked Donna how I can get more cleaning done with less effort and dread. Her answers were very helpful for me. I hope they help you too.

1.       In order to most efficiently clean our homes in these final  moments before the holidays, what is the best order to clean your home? (ie: dust before vacuum)

You should first walk around each room and straighten – pick up toys and clothes, clear spaces of all clutter, etc.  Then, work from top to bottom around the room. Start by dusting cobwebs, dusting furniture, then work your way down to the baseboards and leave the floors for last.  It is most efficient to move left to right or right to left around the room. As far as the order of rooms goes, I suggest tackling the job you hate most first.  For me, that means bathrooms; I clean them first and then I dust and vacuum and save the kitchen (my favorite room) for last.  It will seem that tasks become easier as you go along.

2.       Do you use or recommend using scented cleaners?

 Using scented cleaners is a personal preference.  I personally believe a clean home smells fresh; however, some customers prefer scented cleaners.  If you are having company, you may want to ensure that no one has any serious allergies, which can be aggravated by scented cleaners or air fresheners.  Dryer sheets in your vacuum bag will keep your vacuum smelling fresh while providing a subtle scent in your home.

3.       Are there any tips for keeping your home clean when you are having a large group of house guests? 

 You can touch up your bathrooms each day by squeegeeing the shower/bath walls to keep soap scum from building up after each use.  Wipe off countertops and sinks and do a quick swish with a toilet brush and toilet cleaner to keep the toilets fresh.  Use a swiffer or mop on hardwood floors to keep the dust in control and vacuum high-traffic areas of carpets to keep them looking fresh.

4.       If someone really dislikes cleaning, what can they do to make it more tolerable? 

 Hire Molly Maid!  Cleaning can become overwhelming, but if you tackle one room per day vs. the entire house, the cleaning chores becomes much more tolerable.  I like to turn on the music and dance while cleaning, which makes the tasks much more enjoyable and also is great exercise! If you have small kids, get them involved by making cleaning a fun game (i.e. have them race to pick up toys, see who can dust the dresser fastest, time them on making the bed) then reward them with hugs and kisses!

5.       Do you have a top 5 tips for holiday cleaning? Post-holiday cleaning?

1.    Utilize paper products for simple meals like breakfast and lunch to cut down on washing dishes.

2.    Pick up as you go – don’t leave the mail or clutter on the countertops – throw away the junk, file the bills, etc.

3.    Squeegee showers after each use to keep them shining

4.    Don’t put up too many decorations – too many knick knacks requires more upkeep for dusting and can make your home look cluttered.

5.    Don’t stress over it – your guests are there to enjoy your company, not inspect your home.


So apply Donna’s tips and have a happy (cleaner) holiday!

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