A Frustrating DIY

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I have a story about a frustrating DIY project. The story isn’t over yet and it may still turn out beautifully.

I have a lovely solid maple, double drop-leaf dining table. I got it for free through my local freecycle. The only un-lovely thing about it is the top. It is scarred and some of the varnish is coming off.

Beautiful but scarred table awaits its makeover

I was planning to strip the top and refinish it. I did this successfully with another freecycle find and it now sits proudly in my family room.

A freecycled mahogany server after hours of labor

The chemical stripper is noxious and time consuming but so worth the results. . .Except this time. I only had a little left so I wanted to see how well it would work. It didn’t.

I tried turpentine. . .nope

I tried my little hand-sander. . .nope.

I tried my husbands large hand-sander. . .nope.

I have decided to give up. I will paint the top and leave the base alone. My next problem is that I want it to match the beach house colors. I do not have swatches here. Now instead of transporting my completed project to the beach house for Thanksgiving dinner, I am transporting a table that I need to paint and poly.

I promise to post pictures of the “after”. What keeps me going is knowing how fabulous it will be when it is done (even if I had to change my plans) and how useful it will be for us as well as our renters next summer.

Thanks for letting me vent (unless you have already clicked away from my blog).

‘Til Next Time,

Make Yours A

Welcome Home

Even though it’s not completed, I am posting this to DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land


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4 Responses to “A Frustrating DIY”

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Did you already paint the top? Can you describe what is happening when you sand it? I have done a lot of refinishing-thought maybe I could help…

Sanding only takes of some around the areas where the varnish is already damaged and doesn’t effect the main body of the table. I am using medium coarse sand paper. Shoule I go to coarse? The tab;e doesn’t even feel rough where I’ve sanded. It’s very frustrating.

I haven’t painted it yet and I woule really prefer to refinish it to its original finish. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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