We’re Having a Party…..in about a month and a half

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I am finally ready to start thinking about Christmas.

I think what finally did it was when The Inspired Room asked the question “Are you plannong any holiday parties?” Such an innocent question but it got me started.

Wow, that’s a statement. A lot of you  in blog land have already fully embraced Christmas (completely skipping Thanksgiving I might add). I have been relucatnt for two reasons:

1. I hate to rush past such a warm and fun holiday as Thanksgiving.

2. Embracing Christmas means it is time to start planning our annual Christmas Eve Feast/Open House.

She was talking about a simple party she was planning and what I am about to describe may not sound simple but in its essence, it really is. We make familiar comfort foods, we decorate on a tight budget and we create and print the invitations at home. There is no caterer, deorator, serving or cleaning people. This is our genuine and warm invitation to people we care about to come share in the festive spirit.

This Feast has become our family tradition for four years now. It is a tradition my husband’s parents had when he was a child and probably goes back several generations. It is our tradition to host a fantabulous Italian feast that we call Feast of the 7 Fish. Now sometimes there are more than 7 fish and we always include one vegetarian dish but there is no meat (pork, chicken, beef, etc).

There is probably some religious significance. I think it refers to the stations of the cross. I am not sure why fish.

My ignorance is forgivable since I am actually Jewish. I married a wonderful man who is Italian (Roman Catholic). We celebrate the traditions of both of our heritages and so I am a bit vague on certain specifics. I have been celebrating Christmas with my husband and his family since I was 16 years old and I fully consider these to be my traditions now too.

The planning includes decorating, shopping, placing the fish order, organisingthe serving dishes and sternos and much more. I love the holiday spirit of generosity and friendship and my children participate in the preparation and the cooking.

We invite everyone. Really…everyone. All of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers. If they have guests visiting they bring them too. It is children, parents, grandparents. It usually totals somewhere around 150 people byt he end of the night.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve past:


Now keep in mind, I took these pictures before I ever thought I would be blogging. I realize there are some key shots missing: The tree, the food, my family. I promise to do a better job this year.


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