Farewell Halloween…Until Next Year

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This has been a crazy week. My parents came for a visit to celbrate my youngest child’s birthday as well as Halloween. They visit often and it always has the same effect on me.

I clean the house.

I mean really clean. Not just put away toys…put away every single toy and sweep the floor in the girl’s bedroom. Do the laundry….and put every piece away in a closet or dresser. Dust, sweep, mop, scrub toilets and showers.

This might not be earth shattering for many of you but for me it is a major assault on housekeeping. My dirty little secret is that although I love to decorate…I despise cleaning.

My husband is threatening to have my parents visit at least once a month.

I don’t think I could take it.

In addition to the cleaning, I have been completing my final Halloween decoration plus helping my kids carve pumpkins. The decoration was inspired by a catalog that arrived in the mail. It was a stack of three fake pumpkins that were carved to say “Trick or Treat” and could be lit up at night. My middle child loved it! I took one look at the price and said “Hmph…I could make that and for a lot less money”.

I went to Michaels and bought three foam pumpkins and got to work:

The largest of the three-Before

The pumpkins-Before

Next I printed the words in the largest font on my computer as a guideline and started carving. Carving foam pumpkins is a lot harder than I expected.


I next tried to assemble the trio. I tried caulking, glue and more caulking. I couldn’t find my glue gun and I finally held the together by ramming two dowels through the center. My hsband drilled a hole in the back of each pumpkin so I could add my battery “candles” and we were done!


Here is how my front porch looked when I was ready for the parade of kids:


The other two kids took it easy on meOne child begged me to carve this "simple" wolf howling at the moon"

It was a damp and rainy night. The kids had a great time and now I can pack away my Halloween goodies until next year and start working on Thanksgiving (which we may do hosting at the beach house…more on that another time) and the Channukah/Christmas.

I need a nap!

Happy Post HalloweenEverybody!

‘Til Next Time, Make Yours A

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7 Responses to “Farewell Halloween…Until Next Year”

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You busy girl! Your pumpkins are mighty cute.

I hear ya, sister! I’m not the cleaner in my house. Believe it or not, my “so good it’s freaky” 16 year old daughter is the cleaner around here. She does dishes, she does laundry. I really need to clone her… she’s going to college in just a couple of years….lol.

I am training my 11 year old son. I don’t expect him to reach the “freaky” level. I just want him to know how to take care of himself and understand that there is no magic fairy that comes to clean while he sleeps.

I will teach my daughters too (obviously not leading by example)


Verrry cute! I think I’ll try it with the clearance pumpkins (Funkins) out there.

Love the stacked pumpkins….

There is everyday clean and then there is company clean around my place! I would rather be living life then hung up on dust bunnies under the bed.
Let the Thanksgiving decorating begin!

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